Company valuations

For most business owners, their company is their most valuable asset.

We believe it is vital business owners know what their business is worth and why, so they can:

  • Plan for their retirement
  • Evaluate an unsolicited offer
  • Structure a management buy-out
  • Buy-back shares from a minority shareholder
  • Decide whether to seek a trade buyer

Our valuations are based on a thorough examination of financial and non-financial company information, our knowledge of similar companies and our professional judgement. No two companies are the same, therefore accurate valuations cannot be found by entering profit data into a formula.

As well as giving our opinion on valuation, our reports detail the methodology we have used, factors we have identified that enhance or detract from the valuation and consider how debt and cash balances may have an impact.

Further information can be found on our Company Valuations website.

If you wish to discuss our valuation service or instruct us to carry out a valuation, please contact us or alternatively you may wish to attend our Do you know what it’s really worth seminar.