Company valuations

We provide expert valuations of businesses, that can be used for a variety of purposes.

For most business owners, their company is their most valuable asset and central to their personal finances. We believe it is vital business owners know what their business is worth and why, so they can:

  • Plan effectively for their retirement
  • Make decisions that enhance company value and saleability
  • Judge whether and when to seek a sale

We are regularly asked by accountants and solicitors to provide independent valuations for their clients for specific reasons, such as:

  • To agree a value in the case of a dispute
  • Structuring a management buyout or employee buyout
  • Evaluating an offer to sell the company
  • Buying back shares from minority shareholders
  • Establishing values for probate and inheritance tax purposes
  • Restructuring a group

Every business is unique and cannot be valued by using a superficial calculation. Our valuations are based on a thorough examination of financial and non-financial company information, our knowledge of the SME marketplace and our professional judgement.

We have a deep understanding of the features that drive and detract from a company’s value, derived from many years’ acting for shareholders on both the sell and buy-side, advising on deals across a wide range of sectors.

As well as giving our opinion on open market value, our reports detail the methodology we have used, factors we have identified that influence the valuation and consider how debt and cash, non-trading assets and other balance sheet items may have an impact.

We regularly present seminars on valuations, for details see our Events page.

If you wish to discuss our services, get a quote or instruct us to carry out a valuation, please contact us.