The magic of management buyouts

This seminar is intended to “open your eyes” to what can be achieved through a management buyout (MBO) and to dispel some of the myths about what is required for a management buyout to work.

There are many misconceptions surrounding management buy-outs. We frequently meet company owners and management teams who have long considered carrying out an MBO, but without specific knowledge of how MBOs are put together and funded, have not believed one to be possible.

At this seminar we will explain the key attributes required for a successful management buy-out. We will look at what makes a strong and supportable management team, how MBOs are funded, including the funds required by the MBO team personally and the success factors and risk factors underlying these deals.

We will also explain the magic of MBOs – what we mean by this is explained in the short video below.

At the end of the seminar attendees will have a clear understanding of the facets which make up a feasible and successful MBO.

Who should attend this seminar?

Company owners, directors and managers (and their advisers) who are:

  • Contemplating an exit from their company?
  • Considering a management buy-out?
  • Facing succession issues?

You will find this presentation to be full of practical advice, hints and tips to equip company shareholders, directors and managers (and their advisers) with the facts they need to maximise their chances of achieving the best possible outcome when it comes to carrying out a management buyout, whenever that may be in the future.

Where and when?

Webinar – Wednesday 22nd June 2022, 2pm to 3pm
Webinar – Wednesday 2nd November 2022, 10am to 11am

Future dates to be confirmed.

You are very welcome to book places on our webinars. There is no charge for attending any of these events.

This event is for company shareholders, directors and managers (and their advisers).

There will be time for questions at the end of the webinar, but if you would like to discuss your own circumstances confidentially, we will be happy to arrange a free of charge, private consultation. We are currently doing these by video call.

What is covered at this seminar?

The short video below explains what we cover in the magic of MBOs part of the seminar.

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